Is Snoring Affecting Your Sleep During Pregnancy?

If you're pregnant then chances are that you might be one of the 75% of pregnant women who have problems getting enough sleep. Pregnancy is tiring for all women and getting enough sleep is essential for you and also your unborn child. When the baby finally arrives you will naturally want to be in the best of form so that you can look after your new baby and have the

What’s So Great About The New Somnowell Device For Snoring?

So what's so fantastic about the new Somnowell oral appliance for snoring? In a lot of ways the Somnowell Mandibular Advancement Appliance is the like a lot of other oral appliances for snoring. It is worn in the mouth while the person sleeps. Like most other oral appliances for snoring it works by holding the lower jaw forward. This is also called the 'recovery position'. This action keeps the effectively

Find Out How Using A Snore Guard Can Cure Your Snoring

Snoring Mouthpiece Author Name:  Keneth B. Yeeloy To stay in good physical shape, having a good night sleep is very important. A good night sleep can greatly help the muscles of the body to rest and restore. For those who snore, the muscles of the body including that of nose, face, and throat tend to vibrate that can make the body restless besides disturbing the sleep. If you too are

Is The Somnowell Oral Device Comfortable To Wear?

The new Somnowell anti-snore appliance is the latest mandibular advancement device to arrive in the already highly crowded market. The Somnowell has been referred to more than once as the Rolls Royce of mandibular advancement appliances. It has also been called the first 4th generation mandibular advancement appliance. This is high praise indeed. The rationale is that the Somnowell is the 1st mandibular advancement splint to be made from cast

How Can You Convince Your Better Half That They Snore?

Does your sleeping partner snore? Does your partners snoring keep you awake at night? Do you dread the thought of heading off to bed? Do you secretly wish you could sleep in the spare room without hurting the feelings of your companion? Does your better half deny they snore or that their snoring is an issue? Do you sometimes feel so exasperated that you simply want to shove a pillow

The New Somnowell Oral Devices In Review

The new Somnowell oral devices are a range of expertly made devices utilized in the professional treatment of snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, temperomandibular joint disorder, bruxism (also known as tooth grinding), and orthodontic retention. They're not off-the-shelf, or one-size-fits-all devices, but rather customized appliances designed to perfectly fit the user and provide a life of comfortable and effective solution. The Somnowell appliances are unique in being made from chrome cobalt

From Bottom To Top – Oral Devices For Snoring

Oral devices for stopping snoring, known in the profession as mandibular advancement devices/appliances/splints, range price-wise in the United Kingdom from 25 pounds to 1,500 pounds. At the low end of the market there's a great amount of choice. In the middle to top end of the market the range of choice gets smaller but remains good. At the lower end of the market you've got the plastic appliances that you

Useful Facts To Use About How To Stop Snoring

Snore Stopper is the newest revolutionary technology that is specially developed to halt your snoring conditions. If you want to understand about how to stop snoring then that you came to the correct place. Say goodbye to your own buzzing and snorting while you are asleep. Your sleeping patterns will develop and you will sleep comfortably during the night time. If you are wondering why people are snoring then we

5 Good Reasons To Stop Snoring

1. The first and maybe most compelling reason to try to stop snoring will be for the benefit of your sleeping partner. Usually your snoring noise will not bug you, only your partner. Your partner would perhaps not be getting sufficient sleep due to your snoring. Lack of sleep can be very damaging to a persons mood and feeling of well being. If your snoring is keeping your partner up

3 Things To Consider When Choosing An Anti-Snore Oral Device

Snoring and sleep problems appear to be appearing increasingly frequently in the press nowadays. Maybe it is perhaps because people are awakening to the incontrovertible fact that a sound nights sleep is an important factor in the pursuit of health and happiness. As people lead more and more demanding lives, and as our lives become even more intense, the need for high quality sleep becomes even more vital. One of