Causes of interrupted sleep

Temporary insomnia affects around a third of the population, and for a small number of these people it is part of their daily existence. Many people find that insomnia can be brought on by external stresses, and once they have been eliminated the insomnia goes with them. Finding yourself lying in bed unable to sleep, is a common symptom of stress-related insomnia. When your brain is racing constantly with the stresses of the day and your problems seem unmanageable. The problem is often made worse by the fact that you know you can't sleep, but you also know that time is passing and soon it will be time to get up again. The sleep that follows lying awake stressing is going to be a light sleep that won't allow the body to replenish itself properly meaning you are more than likely to wake up feeling tired, grumpy and totally unprepared for the day ahead.

Most people turn to over-the-counter insomnia cures to get them through periods like this. This cycle is thankfully short-lived for the majority of us, with the weekend or the end of a big project bringing plentiful and much needed sleep. For some this isn't the case. Insomnia gradually becomes part of peoples lives as their suffer at the hands of no sleep or poor sleep and constantly waking up feeling shattered. Social and family lives are often the first to suffer in cases like these. People suffering from insomnia are often thought to be short-tempered and anti-social, which isn't their fault. Becoming less sociable, and less able to function is a sign of severe lack of sleep. It seems that thoughts no longer make sense and decisions are impossible to make. Insomnia, whether temporary or more long-term can have an effect on physical appearance too, with sufferers best prices on cialis seeming lifeless, with dull skin and lank hair.

Along with buy Flexisyn online stress, factors such as sleeping cialis without prescription environment contribute a major part to insomnia. Interrupted sleep can be caused by beds that aren't comfortable, curtains that don't shut out enough light, or a room that is situated in a noisy area. Some over-the-counter medicines can cause temporary insomnia. Take a good look at the environment you sleep in if you find yourself waking feeling tired and sluggish.  If adjusting your sleeping environment doesn't seem to help, it may be a physiological problem that is interrupting your sleep, such as sleep apnea.

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