Can Onion Really Help You Sleep Better?

When you have insomnia, you find yourself having trouble sleeping, or even staying asleep once you get there, which can be very frustrating. It's a sleep disorder that many people suffer from, which leaves them unrested and feeling terrible. There is also a high possibility that the person suffering from insomnia may lack concentration and can easily forget things.

There are many different causes of this sleep disorder and there are much more different ways to cure it. There are a lot of herbal cures for insomnia that use herbs, spices and other botanicals to perpetrate the treatment. The onion cure for insomnia is one that is becoming more and more popular.  This so called onion cure for insomnia is not so well known but has started to make rounds in people who need sleep desperately. This so called onion cure for insomnia really utilizes real onions to sure the sleep disorder or at least to give the individual some relief from it.

How To Do The Onion Cure For Insomnia

The onion cure for insomnia works in two ways. The first way that the onion cure for insomnia is supposed to work is by chopping up an onion finely and soaking the chopped up pieces in a bowl of water. The individual suffering from insomnia is supposed to take one or two deep whiffs of the mixture before going to bed. This first version of the onion cure for insomnia may actually cause some watering in the individual's eyes if the person takes too much of a deep whiff.

The second version of the onion cure for insomnia states that the onion should be boiled in water which is just enough to cover it in the small pot. The onion should be boiled for about ten minutes in a rolling boil. This onion cure for insomnia requires the individual suffering from this sleep disorder to drink up the onion water after it has cooled buy price cialis Professional Plasma Tooth Whitening Kit online down a bit. It'll taste just like onion soup, but a bit thinner; you might even enjoy the taste if you like that sort of thing.

Either method of the onion cure for insomnia is intended to give you better sleep. You can try either version of the cure, and see which one works the best for you. Not all people react the same way to the onion cure for insomnia, which is why there are people cialis daily who say it is not effective and other who believe in it.

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